IT Network and Configuration Management

Thorough infrastructure and configuration management is the key to an efficient and resilient IT network infrastructure. Instead of only monitoring the infrastructure, you need a complete digital twin of your IT operation, offering full visibility. With the tools DataMiner has to offer, from inventory discovery and provisioning, over configuration management, to quality and performance management, process and service orchestration, and extensive collaboration, you can start your digital transformation journey towards maximum convenience, security and reliability.

  • DataMiner works with any product from any vendor and is able to manage any type of config, via rest APIs, CLI, or proprietary protocols. All information is handled in an agnostic way, creating a unified data lake that is itself open towards other consuming services.
  • DataMiner manages the full stack of your IT network, from hardware to flows and services.
  • While offering extensive functionality out of the box, DataMiner is also an open platform, able to easily integrate with any third-party applications for data ingest, processing, or consumption.
  • Security: DataMiner manages configurations based upon security, checking whether configs comply with company policy or doing complete network audits with Process Automation, with notifications in case of configuration changes.
  • Configuration management: DataMiner allows you to back up and restore configurations, and manage archival and planned maintenance (PLM) of your configurations, not as a standalone feature but as embedded activities in apps for inventory onboarding, repair, and management. This covers all aspects of your operations: service management, operational management, technical management.
  • Every type of inventory can have a set of scripts, tuned to the specific needs of the product or data source.
  • DataMiner provides operational management. This includes individual parameter monitoring and trending, but also combines operational monitoring with workflows and process automation to create actionable data in organized dashboards, allowing your operators to act on any information.
  • With DataMiner AI-assisted operations, problems can be detected in trending before they even arise, allowing for an even higher actionability and augmented decision making.
  • The DataMiner System operates in the multi-cloud, allowing for flexible scaling to any size.
  • Flexible collaboration tools are available off the shelf or as an integration, fitted with fine-grained user and AA management, and never compromising on security.

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