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Border Security

Border security is high on the agenda of governments across the globe. Naturally, the underlying infrastructure used to accomplish the goal is highly geographically spread, but also very diverse in nature depending on the specific security needs. The DataMiner monitoring and control system ties all infrastructure components together, and visualizes all information on a single pane of glass. DataMiner integrates with all kinds of remote cameras, sensors, IT and communication systems (fiber, microwave, satellite SCPC and VSAT, cellular), and complex subsystems such as UAV, ISR systems, full network operations centers (NOC), etc.

Of course, DataMiner is cloud ready and has full support for managing multi-cloud functions.

Integrates with any technology

DataMiner is guaranteed to integrate with any product, data source, software API and system including proprietary sensors and networking systems. Integrations of new (non-public) APIs can be done by end customers or Systems Integrators (SIs) that have the required clearance levels: no need to share classified information. Setting up alarming and performance trending templates is established by simple point and click actions, and the same goes for automation!

Visual Overview

Easy-to-customize Visual Overviews across locations and services provide instant access to information. Intuitive drill-down accesses all levels of detail exposed by the APIs.

Public and private

The DataMiner platform can be hosted on private data centers as well as on public cloud.