Certification and attestation validator

Check if a certificate or digital attestation is valid

Everyone who is part of the DataMiner DevOps Professional Program or has been certified in a specific DataMiner skillset received a personal digital certificate with a unique ID. This webpage offers a quick and convenient way to verify the authenticity of that certificate. Simply enter the unique ID, and our system will validate and show the certificate.

Certification of expertise

The DataMiner Certification Program offers a broad range of certification services that enable people in all types of roles, ranging from entry-level to advanced knowledge, to get the maximum out of a DataMiner System.

Acquiring this type of certificate requires the individual to pass the associated certification program, which typically consists of a series of hands-on exercises, verbal and written examinations, and a thorough final evaluation.

You have received a certificate of expertise in the past, but can't find the ID anymore? No worries! Do not hesitate to contact us at academy@skyline.be.

DataMiner DevOps attestation

DataMiner DevOps Professionals are expected to embrace key DevOps values and uphold the DataMiner culture while mastering various skills related to DataMiner, associated key technologies, and a broader range of relevant topics.

Through their comprehensive knowledge, they excel at continuously generating maximum value towards the business objectives of their organizations.

You have received a digital certificate in the past, but can't find the ID anymore? No worries! Simply go to your profile page and request the ID by entering your email address. You will receive an email with your ID and a direct link to your personal digital certificate.