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Brace yourself for a remarkable series of weekly online learning sessions featuring immersive video tutorials, hands-on exercises, illuminating podcasts, and a wealth of content meticulously curated to empower you with the skills and knowledge to become the ultimate DataMiner creator.

Bringing the Thunder - DataMiner DevOps tutorials with Jan Staelens

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By actively participating, you'll have the opportunity to earn DevOps Points. For every tutorial completed, you can pocket 75 DevOps Points, and if you manage to conquer the challenge within the week, an extra 75 points will be added to your tally.

Transform Low-Code Apps into visual delights

February 23

We'll explore the nuances of font styles, color palettes, component alignment, and the art of decluttering to create a visually pleasing and user-friendly interface. Along the way, we'll share invaluable tips, tricks, and points of attention to guide you in the process of beautifying your own applications.

Integrating Low-Code Apps with Cube

March 1

Explore the synergy between Low-Code Apps and DataMiner Cube, leveraging app actions within Cube and seamlessly opening Cube cards from the Low-Code App interface.

Visual Overview design basics

March 8

In this introductory exercise on Visual Overview design, we'll explore techniques for presenting pertinent element data in a clear and reusable manner.

How to make a connector CI/CD pipeline

March 15

Unlock the full potential of your CI/CD workflow with our latest KATA session! Regardless of the CI/CD technology your company utilizes, we've designed a universal solution to streamline your Connector development process.

Contributing to the DIS Validator

March 21

Find out how you can help validate connectors! The DIS validator is open to everyone, and we'd love your contributions. Join us in this session as we walk through adding cool new checks to the validator.

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DataMiner Tutorials - DataMiner Integration Studio (DIS) validator

Kata #1: DIS validator

How does it work? 🧑‍💻

Bringing the Thunder is a completely free and fully online learning experience. This means you can dive into the action from wherever you are and whenever it suits your schedule.

Every single week we'll unveil fresh learning content–from step-by-step tutorials to illuminating podcasts. Some modules may even include tasks for you to complete and submit.

And of course you will get the opportunity to earn some sweet DevOps Points in the process.

Who is it for? 🔥

Any DevOps Professional–from enthusiastic Member to seasoned Catalyst. Whether you're looking to supercharge your learning journey, unleash your creativity with DataMiner, or get hands-on with its coolest DevOps features, this journey is tailored for you.

Our content spans various difficulty levels, offering a flexible learning experience. Some weeks, you'll find easier sessions, while others provide intermediate challenges. There's no commitment, however. If a piece of content doesn't catch your fancy, you can simply skip it! It's your learning journey, we're only offering the fascinating stops.