develop and improve your DataMiner skills and learn about a wide variety of topics to stay ahead

Knowledge is power, even more so when it comes to DataMiner: there’s pretty much nothing that cannot be done with its unique features, capabilities and conceptual architecture. DataMiner is like the gift that keeps on giving.

Free Self-Paced Training

We believe in empowering people, because maximum agility can only be achieved when people are empowered with the tools to evolve continuously. That’s
exactly why DataMiner is the key asset for so many organizations. Therefore, all official Skyline training materials* are available here in the Dojo Learning
section, free of charge.

*Note that as we add new training modules whenever new features get released, some features discussed in the training modules may rely on a more recent version of DataMiner than the one you are currently using.

DataMiner Foundational

Data Acquisition & Control Plane

Orchestration & Automation

Cloud Services

Apps & Solutions


Sales & Business Insights


⚡️ Bringing the Thunder ⚡️


Dedicated Training

We repeat: all our training programs are available for free here on DataMiner Dojo. However, you can opt to benefit from some additional professional services delivered by one of our experts to support the knowledge investments your company makes. 

This Includes:

In-Company Training

A large group of people needs to be trained on DataMiner? With this option, you can bring a qualified DataMiner expert trainer to your facilities. After this private crash course, you and your team will be able to get the best out of your DataMiner system in no time.

Open Classroom Training

The DataMiner Open Training sessions are open public sessions offering a complete training program with four separate tracks: DataMiner Fundamentals, DataMiner Configurator Level 1, DataMiner Configurator Level 2, and DataMiner Sys Admin.

Online Training Consultancy

Leverage the free training content at your own pace and according to your own schedule with the proper support and guidance. Our online training consultancy services provide you and your team with one of our experts who will coach you throughout the process.