Become a certified Scripts & Connectors Developer in HTTP Basics

This certification is intended for developers who will handle basic HTTP integrations with any type of vendor including other DataMiner components.  

For price see: DataMiner professional services credits - DataMiner Dojo
(optional) 3 months of DaaS: 30 credits

DataMiner Developer certification


To become a certified Scripts & Connectors Developer in HTTP basics, you will need to pass our hands-on, performance-based exam. Your knowledge will be tested with different types of assignments via hands-on tasks on an online DataMiner certification platform. Your assigned examiner will guide you through the certification process. 

The exam consists of:  

  • An offline test with multiple choice questions.  
  • An assignment where you will need to create your own connector. 


The topics that will be quoted during the exam are: 


  • Card layout. 
  • General guidelines like tooltips, ranges, etc. 
  • Alarming and trending. 
  • Etc. 


  • General coding guidelines such as names, IDs, and structuring. 
  • Timing strategy. 
  • Maintainability, readability, performance. 
  • Etc. 


  • HTTP API. 
  • Polling strategy. 
  • Port settings. 
  • Etc. 


In order to be fully prepared for the Certified Scripts & Connectors HTTP Basics exam:  


You have successfully obtained the DataMiner Operator and DataMiner Administrator certificate of expertise, or gained expertise through experience. 

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