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Service Providers - Network


Data exchange is the backbone of our economy, welfare and social lives. Whether data pipes are set up across fiber links, satellite, fixed wireless access (FWA), or hybrid across multiple networks, their performance and availability are very critical to many users and applications.  

Automated orchestration of PTP and PTMP links across different network technologies

Automated orchestration of point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) links across different network technologies including dark fiber, CWDM, Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity, MPLS, SR, etc. The DataMiner built-in SDN controller orchestrates network and edges, data centers, cloud connectivity, etc.

Detailed and schedule-aware link availability and performance monitoring and SLA reporting

Detailed and schedule aware link availability, performance monitoring and SLA reporting, including monitoring of third-party provided network capacity.

Advanced network performance optimization, traffic routing (SDN) and x-technology redundancy

Advanced network performance optimization, path engineering (Dijkstra) and traffic routing (SDN), and cross-technology automated redundancy (such as fiber-optic link restoration on satellite SCPC links).