QoE and UEx Management

A Quality of Experience (QoE) management tool will naturally collect and aggregate end users’ session records. This process, however, involves a great deal more data sources and insight than is obvious at first sight. For example, because the service to the end user is inherently connected to the delivery infrastructure itself, it is crucial that this infrastructure is taken into the scope as well. In addition, because one of the primary goals for a QoE management tool is to perform corrective actions, a profound integration with OSS/BSS systems is crucial, to avoid having excellent visibility on your performance but not being able to take timely actions. With DataMiner, you not only have superior visibility on your performance, but you are also in the perfect position to take actions in time because of the full connectivity between backend systems, network management and QoE platform, thus assuring that your QoE setup will deliver as expected.

  • DataMiner QoE/UEx Management supports any type of service:
    • Residential broadband/voice
    • Business services (VLAN, IPVPN, etc.)
    • Linear/non-linear video
    • OTT services
  • It is entirely agnostic to the delivery infrastructure, supporting:
    • Any network type (fixed, cellular, satellite)
    • Any access technology (e.g. ETTH, PON, DOCSIS, WIFI, LTE, etc.)
    • Any function implementation (physical, virtual, cloud)
    • Any supplier
  • DataMiner integrates with any product from any vendor.
  • DataMiner QoE/UEx Management is fully topology aware.
  • DataMiner QoE/UEx Management integrates your entire ecosystem, supporting your B2C or B2B offer including e.g.:
    • Network information databases
    • Subscriber databases
    • Service acquisition, processing, cores, transport and access components (receivers, gateways, packet cores, switches, routers, DWDM platforms, access controllers, service nodes, e.g. WAP, eNB, OLT, RPD, etc.)
    • Service probes
    • Session data collectors
    • Service endpoints
      • Managed: modem, ONU/ONT, switch, wap, STB, etc.
      • Unmanaged: tablet (iOS, Android), AppleTV, Chromecast, browsers
  • DataMiner QoE/UEx Manager presents consolidated information related to your performance, adding 360° visibility and providing straightforward access to quality of service associated with:
    • Platform (e.g. IPTV, IPVPN, OOT)
    • Service node
    • Subscriber or customer
    • Service/channel
  • DataMiner ensures a profound OSS integration, which is crucial to enable:
    • Constant updates of the platform databases, so they stay in sync with the ecosystem “as is” – including full visibility on planned maintenance, enabling you to mask false positive alarms.
    • Triggering tickets or automated actions for truly closed-loop operation.
    • Call center operators to collect all details on customers’ actual and historical status, even before the line is transferred to them.
    • Engineering teams to launch virtually any query on the platform.
  • DataMiner not only monitors your network status, but also orchestrates the deployment of monitoring probes whenever necessary, providing a global overview of the service availability and quality.
  • DataMiner AI-augmented operations allow you to not only monitor performance of your distribution chains, but also extrapolate and anticipate possible problems, so you can act on issues before they might cause a service degradation.
  • DataMiner assists SecOps teams by automating security workflows and detecting anomalies in network behavior, enabling you to integrate security into the core of your QoE management system.

Associated Markets:

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