Content Distribution – Direct-To-Home (DTH)

Content Distribution

Direct-To-Home (DTH)

Direct-To-Home is the single largest technology to reach a vast number of customers fast and at a very low cost per sub. DTH services can be delivered with limited ground infrastructure. There are many obvious benefits to that, but equally well considerations to be made. Any failure or degradation impacts hundred thousands or even millions of consumers at once. Hence, performance and availability of the uplink facility is critical. DataMiner is instrumental to achieve highest standards.

Manage the entire media processing pipeline

Rely on DataMiner to manage the entire multi-vendor media processing pipeline from asset ingest, live TV reception, content transcoding, protection, ad insertion and delivery over the RF uplink. DataMiner facilitates a smooth transition from hardware, to appliances and to virtualized uplink stations. Of course, DataMiner also manages OTT systems with equal care and detail.

Redundancy on all levels

The platform guarantees professional and customizable redundancy on all levels: geographical redundancy, media source redundancy, transport redundancy, RF redundancy, etc. The schedule-aware confidence monitoring contributes actively to the DataMiner decision making.


The DataMiner platforms come with a vast range of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to enhance proactive maintenance on the headend and uplink, and to reduce duration of outages would they occur. Trend forecasting, behavioral and configuration anomalies, proactive cap detection, zero-touch alarm grouping, focus alarms, incident detection, automated root cause analysis, intelligent dashboards, and many more technologies are inherently embedded into the DataMiner platform.