Environmental and facilities management

DataMiner’s proposition for facility management is all about ensuring the integrity of your facilities, assuring maximum return on investment (ROI) by providing visibility on the actual usage of your facility compared to its total capacity, and minimizing operational expenditure (OPEX) with fully automated workflows for e.g. templated provisioning, firmware upgrades or configuration verification. It also maximizes service uptime by ensuring that your network infrastructure is secure, correctly powered and operating within the environmental conditions it is designed for. All of this with a system that is entirely agnostic to the type or size of your facility. The system is also scalable, so it can support scenarios ranging from just a few devices up to multiple (tens of) thousands, as is quite common in the context of cellular or IoT service providers.

  • DataMiner supports all types of facilities, regardless of their type, function, or size (street cabinet, full-size server room, or multi-site computing park).
  • DataMiner manages all aspects of your infrastructure management, including energy (AC power lines, UPS systems, batteries, generators, etc.), climate control (HVAC), environmental (temperature, humidity, wind, acceleration) and security (access control, video surveillance, water, smoke, fire).
  • Any kind of connectivity is supported, whether permanent or intermittent (including e.g. remote terminal units (RTUs)).
  • Automate the onboarding of equipment with DataMiner. Provision the locations in your facilities, and automatically add equipment to your database. Automating workflows such as those for initial configuration and security improves the reliability of your operation, and minimizes live interventions.
  • Monitor and control all aspects of your facility from a single pane of glass. DataMiner is a state-of-the-art monitoring platform featuring AI-augmented operations. It enables you to identify problems before they arise, thereby optimizing your uptime.
  • With DataMiner planned maintenance, you can optimize your maintenance workflows and plan your support windows easily, in accordance with the service windows of your internal or external customers.
  • DataMiner integrates with your OSS/BSS systems and with your ticketing systems, providing a smooth operational experience from infrastructure to service level.
  • With shareable dashboards, you can easily share real-time information with colleagues inside and outside your organization, maximizing collaboration.
  • DataMiner supports the all-important security of your facilities by assisting your SecOps team through the automation of security workflows, and the pre-emptive detection of anomalies in your systems.

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