What’s new in the documentation for the 10.3.12 release?

What’s new in the documentation for the 10.3.12 release?

The DataMiner documentation is continuously growing and improving. That’s why from time to time we like to provide you with a summary of all things new in the DataMiner Docs.

Here’s a quick overview of the main changes in the documentation for DataMiner 10.3.12:

  • On spectrum analyzer cards, the info pane now facilitates setting a marker back at the center frequency by clicking the center frequency button to the right of the marker, and you can now also adjust the resolution bandwidth and the video bandwidth with new plus and minus buttons.
  • Enhancements in the anomaly alarm settings of the alarm template editor now allow you to configure alarms for an expanded range of anomaly detection types. For example, you can generate alarms for upward spikes while excluding downward spikes. Additionally, you can now define custom alarm thresholds for anomaly detection of type Level shift and Outlier.
  • The focus icon in the alarm bar of the Alarm Console is now only visible when the Active alarms tab contains focused alarms. It also includes a numerical indicator, displaying the number of focused alarms in the Active alarms tab.
  • For multivariate patterns, trend patterns of all related parameters are now loaded onto the trend graph.

Multivariate patterns allow you to add context to your trend graphs and to discover relationships among multiple parameters.

Curious to read more?

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Content Expert: Willem Mélange

But those are not the only things we’ve changed recently!

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