Become a certified DataMiner Administrator

This certification is intended for DataMiner Administrator Experts who set up and maintain DataMiner Systems, including adding new devices and new drivers, managing user accounts, setting up backup policies, creating Visual Overview pages, defining alarm thresholds, and much more. This certification attests their effective knowledge and expertise. If you are preparing for this exam, we recommend that you take the DataMiner Administrator course.

Price per user: 1450 EUR/1885 USD/2392 SGD excl. VAT

Productcode: SLC-DMS-CER-ADM


To become a Certified DataMiner Administrator Expert, you will need to pass our hands-on, performance-based exam. Your knowledge will be tested with different types of assignments. Typical assignment formats include online questionnaires, hands-on assignments, verbal exams and one-on-one hands-on tasks on an online DataMiner certification platform. Your assigned examiner will guide you through the certification process. 


  • Accessing and configuring a serial gateway
  • Using the Stream Viewer application
  • Configuring and upgrading DataMiner Agents
  • Adding, editing, importing and exporting elements in DataMiner Cube
  • Working with DataMiner protocols and information templates
  • Working with the Surveyor in DataMiner Cube
  • Working with alarm templates
  • Working with trend templates
  • Using report templates
  • Working with the SNMP forwarding module

  • Configuring users and groups
  • Using the DataMiner Logging module
  • Using the Backup module
  • Database configuration
  • Creating and editing views
  • Configuring notifications
  • Working with the Scheduler module
  • Configuring Visual Overview
  • Working with services and redundancy groups
  • Advanced configuration


In order to be fully prepared for the Certified DataMiner Administrator Expert exam, we highly recommend that you follow the DataMiner Administrator training course. 


Successfully obtained the DataMiner Operator certificate of expertise.

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