Third-party courses


Boost your knowledge of topics related to the world of DataMiner

This page contains an overview of interesting courses offered by our partners or by third-party organizations. Perfect for you to boost your knowledge or learn new skills.

SMPTE Virtual Courses

Virtual SMPTE courses are instructor-led or self-study. SMPTE is constantly expanding their course offerings with new classes, the latest one including SMPTE DCP and ATSC 3.0 virtual courses.

Learn IP Video

Essential knowledge for every media professional. Gives you the basic knowledge you need to navigate IP technology.

IABM education

The IABM e-learning platform offers high quality, interactive online training at the click of a button. It provides companies of all types and sizes access to courses, delivered online, to ensure employees are equipped with the appropriate industry knowledge covering a range of topics.

Agile Atelier - Marc Vandyck

Agile Atelier

Agile Atelier is an independent consultancy & training company based in Antwerp, Belgium and was founded by Marc Vandyck. They offer their expertise in agile transformation based on many years of cumulative experience in different industries and in different domains.  Agile Atelier helps everybody in their agile transformation journey and offers a broad range of different training courses.

Regex - The 123s

Over the various lessons, you will be introduced to a number of special metacharacters used in regular expressions that can be used to match a specific type of character. In this case, the character \d can be used in place of any digit from 0 to 9. The preceding slash distinguishes it from the simple d character and indicates that it is a metacharacter.