Expert Hub – DataMiner Integration Studio

Hub owners: SIMON VANDAMME & TOM WATERBLEY – Last updated on: 16th February 2022


DataMiner Integration Studio is a Microsoft Visual Studio extension, which enables you to interact with and develop for your DataMiner System more easily than ever before. This includes:

  • Importing, creating and deploying drivers that connect your DataMiner System with new data sources
  • Importing, creating and deploying Automation scripts
  • Importing, creating and deploying SRM functions
  • Easy navigation, IntelliSense capabilities and powerful editing tools
  • Debugging tools for drivers running on your DataMiner System
  • Smart detection of errors in drivers and suggestions on how to solve them
  • Snippets and templates
  • Automatic code generation based on data stored in external files (MIB, WSDL, Ember+, XML and JSON)
  • Much more

Getting started