The Expert Hubs on DataMiner Dojo offer you a single point of access to key technologies,
products and solutions, and are managed by subject matter experts to support you in that specific area.

Expert Hubs - DataMiner

DataMiner Integration Studio

DataMiner Integration Studio (DIS) is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for data integration engineers to develop, test and deploy new product integrations for the DataMiner platform.

DataMiner Service & Resource Management

DataMiner Service & Resource Manager (SRM) is the DataMiner solution framework to design sophisticated end-to-end orchestration solutions.

DataMiner Visual Overview

DataMiner Visual Overview is one of the primary graphical user interfaces in DataMiner, allowing you to create powerful interactive bubble-up and drill-down graphical presentations of your operation, as well as full functional UIs for operators.

Expert Hubs - Technologies


The agile HUB provides you all the information, both general and DataMiner-specific, concerning the agile way of working and running an operation.

Converged Interconnect Networks


ICT Security

The security HUB provides you all the information, both general and DataMiner-specific, concerning the broad but vital topics of ICT security, infosec, cybersecurity, business continuity, and much more to ensure that you can run a more secure operation.


PTP (Precision Time Protocol) is the de facto protocol used by broadcasters, media network operators and service providers to synchronize device clocks in complex media networks to achieve accurately synchronized video, audio and meta-data streams.

SMPTE 2110 / NMOS / SDN-Control

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

The Business Analysis section of DataMiner Dojo, provide you with more information, tools and insights related to the deployment of network management and orchestration solutions, and more specifically the business impact.