Become a certified DataMiner Operator

This certification is intended for DataMiner Operator Experts who handle day-to-day operations in the DataMiner software. It attests their effective knowledge and expertise. If you are preparing for this exam, we recommend that you take the DataMiner Operator course.

Price per user: 640 EUR/880 USD/1056 SGD excl. VAT


To become a Certified DataMiner Operator Expert, you will need to pass our hands-on, performance-based exam. Your knowledge will be tested with different types of assignments. Typical assignment formats include online questionnaires, hands-on assignments, verbal exams and one-on-one hands-on tasks on an online DataMiner certification platform. Your assigned examiner will guide you through the certification process. 


  • Introduction of basic DataMiner concepts
  • Basic things you need to know to work with DataMiner
  • Viewing parameter data in DataMiner Cube
  • Working with documents within DataMiner Cube
  • Viewing trend data and trend groups in DataMiner Cube
  • Working with the Surveyor in DataMiner Cube
  • Using the Alarm Console and managing alarms in DataMiner Cube
  • Using Visual Overview
  • Introduction of elements in DataMiner Cube
  • Using the Alerter tool
  • Basic use of the DMS Dashboards module
  • Basic use of the DMS Reporter module
  • Gaining mobile access to DataMiner


In order to be fully prepared for the Certified DataMiner Operator Engineer exam, we highly recommend that you follow the DataMiner Operator training course. After completion of the Operator training course, you can test your knowledge via this quiz.

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