DataMiner Usage-based Pricing

DataMiner is available as Perpetual Use Licenses or in two flavors of usage-based models, namely the Pay-per-Use Plan and Subscription Plan.

Get started with a Free DataMiner System, a complete platform that offers all DataMiner Functions with instant access to 7000+ connectors, only limited by the credit allowance per service. Install your free DataMiner System today and start experiencing the benefits of a data-driven operation.

Use the calculator below to order additional capacity or estimate the cost of your DataMiner System for your projected usage.

managed objects 0 credits/month
connectors 0 credits/month
GB of data consumption 0 credits/month
volume of script runs 0 credits/month

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How does it work?

You set your Utilization Allowance, expressed in Credits, and measured at the rates defined below. The Utilization Allowance can be used freely in any combination of services, which can change monthly. 

Service credits free credit allowance unit
data collection and control plane 0.5 10 per managed object / month *
0.005 5 per metric / month 1 1 per GB of data consumption / month
connector service 6 30 per connector / month
automation and orchestration  10 10 volume of 2K script runs / month **
* All Managed Objects under 100 metrics are charged per metric, once a Managed Object goes above 100 metrics its price is flat at 0.5 credits, regardless of its number of metrics up to maximum 5k metrics per managed object. 
** Existing volume packages: 2K, 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K or 100K script runs per month. Volume discounts are available from 10K onwards. 

How much is a credit?

The credit rate depends on: 1) whether on a subscription plan or pay-per-use, 2) region, and 3) hosting, if subscribing to the service as a Skyline-hosted (referred to as DataMiner as a Service) solution or self-hosted infrastructure (on-prem or private cloud).

What’s the Free Credit Allowance?

Every organization can get started with one free standalone DataMiner System, a functionally full-featured DataMiner platform, only limited by the Free Credit Allowances shown above per service.

Fore more information check the FAQ section or contact Sales to get a price estimate