On-demand TV

There are many aspects to keep track of in your on-demand TV chain. You have components involved in ingest, QC, publication, rights management, and ad insertion, but you also want to keep track of origins and CDNs. All of this in turn depends on the IT stack it is running on, which should be as flexible as possible, easily scalable with demand without interfering with workflows, and above all, secure and dependable. DataMiner will allow you to not only monitor your entire stack, from infrastructure to consumer experience, but also orchestrate your workflows throughout the value chain, from ingest to billing, and deliver the dependability and flexibility you need.

  • DataMiner provides management, orchestration and monitoring of all components involved in content ingest, verification, publication, distribution and playout, including e.g. QC probes/robots, SCTE-35 marker inserter, encoders, publisher, origin servers, CDN distribution and cash components.
  • DataMiner will integrate with any component from any vendor, allowing you the freedom to build a best-of-breed solution that matches your needs.
  • Next to data plane and control plane elements, DataMiner will also manage administrative information (provider contacts, contract references, validity of assets, etc.) as well as the assets themselves.
  • DataMiner supports workflows for asset ingest and fully synthetic quality testing, including verification of video and audio tracks, loudness checks, as well as checks on the presence of all the metadata required for the catalogue (box cover, preview, etc.).
  • Manage processes and business rules in our Workflow manager, including support for multi-tenant, multi-cloud setups, allowing you to drive down the operational cost and ease the effort of managing your VOD publication chain.
  • DataMiner features a driver layer to control QC engines including the possibility to manually trigger QC actions following e.g. a specific complaint, which helps reduce the cost in QC in your ingest chain.
  • With a detailed view of all asset properties, scheduling details, and associated provider details, you can easily keep an overview of your operation.
  • See all metadata as defined under CableLabs ADI specifications,including movie, still-image, preview, trick, encrypted and barker assets, for every one of your assets.
  • Track the status of all assets throughout the whole chain, end to end as well as over their entire lifetime, and provide alarming for any anomalies that require operator intervention.
  • Automatically generate asset inventory, component status and performance reports.
  • Make use of long-term tracking of SLAs for providers and assets towards e.g. timely delivery, QC results, etc.
  • DataMiner will monitor the complete ICT stack of your operation, including VOD back-office performance and network performance. It also enables proactive tackling of issues, thereby increasing the quality of your VOD experience.
  • DataMiner is a state-of-the-art monitoring platform featuring AI-augmented operations, detecting problems before they might arise, so that you can optimize your uptime.
  • Comprehensive reporting and dashboard components facilitate access to the information required for the various stakeholders, internal and external(operations, content department, providers, etc.).
  • Scheduled and event-triggered email dispatching as well as shareable dashboards make sure that different departments are up to date on any relevant information.
  • Safeguard the security of your operations by using DataMiner to help SecOps teams automate security workflows and detect unexpected flows in your networks.

Associated Markets:

Media Production
Media Production - Thematic TV Stations
Content Distribution
Content Distribution - MobileTV
Government & Defense
Government & Defense - MWR Networks