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MWR Networks

Delivering a good customer experience is the focus of any Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) operation. MWR networks are built to deliver a wide variety of services such as media entertainment, internet connectivity, access easy-to-access corporate content, voice and video conferencing, gaming, etc. Different to other telecom networks, MWR services scaling up to multiple 100.000s of families of servicemen an woman spread across main land and oceans, and therefore rely on many different transport networks and technologies including dark fiber, leased lines, satellite SCPC and VSAT, fixed access networks, etc. Families deserve a good to premium experience, consequently, network operators need a single pane of glass across the vast infrastructure and services. The DataMiner platform has full visibility and control under one umbrella. Furthermore, the platform has a rich set of additional capabilities including extensive performance trending, root cause analysis, automation, flexible dashboarding, AI-assisted incident management and performance optimization, integration with OSS systems such as ticketing, and much more.

Integrates with any technology

DataMiner integrates with any technology in the network, including fixed IT facilities, TV processing headends, any distribution network including OTT, satellite DTH, cable or telco IPTV, down to each and any remote customer premises equipment (broadband modem, set-top box, gateway, etc.).

Open Automation Engine

Comes with an open automation engine for scheduling events, transmissions, playlist management, metadata driven content tiering to specific receiver families, control of CA and DRM, etc.

DataMiner Experience & Performance Manager

The end-to-end DataMiner Experience and Performance Manager (EPM) manages and correlates vast amount of end-user QoE and QoS data from remote home gateways, set-top boxes and mobile players & apps, and uses that to enhance network and services uptime and configuration.