IP flow monitoring and analytics

Whether you are an ICT operator, a broadcaster or a broadband operator, DataMiner creates full visibility on the IT, broadband and media flows across your network. It allows you to pinpoint the root cause of any issue you might come across with your real-time unicast or multicast media traffic. Starting from the underlying network infrastructure, up to your business support systems like incident management or planned maintenance systems, DataMiner is your full IP flow monitoring solution.

  • DataMiner features a deep integration with any vendor’s network equipment, interfacing directly with each network router and switch, BGP router, etc., via industry-standard APIs or rich vendor-specific APIs.
  • Manage your full ICT stack:  platform services, operating systems, databases, virtual machines etc.
  • Extract a variety of KPIs from all different layers:
    • Layer 1: DOM (digital optical monitoring values from your SFPs), etc.
    • Layer 2: VLAN/MPLS information
    • Layer 3: IP routing table to extract unicast or multicast routing or IGMP tables
  • Benefit from flow monitoring and logging technologies such as NetFlow, SFlow and JFlow, all of which are fully supported in DataMiner.
  • Subscribe to network change events in real time (streaming telemetry) with OpenConfig support.
  • DataMiner not only monitors your environment, but also orchestrates the deployment of TAP aggregation setups, i.e. setups to easily attach test and measurement equipment in the network to a central TAP aggregator switch in large switch fabrics.
  • Monitor the full PTP ecosystem, including PTP grandmasters, boundary clocks and PTP slave nodes.
  • Support your test and measurement workflows: Integrate network protocol analyzers like Wireshark or dedicated media flow analyzers to also decode the compressed or uncompressed video and audio essence.
  • Interface with public cloud: Monitor the handover point from public cloud to on-premises network and avoid possible issues.
  • Interface with network edge devices from any vendor, including checks on media sources and destinations, e.g. stream presence for redundant 2022-7 inputs.
  • Create dynamic network topology views including switches and network edge devices. Add visual layers to show user-definable metrics and KPIs, e.g. link bandwidth utilization, SFP DOM metrics and list of multicast streams per interface.
    • Physical topology (LLDP)
    • Layer 2/3 mapping: Show VLAN or multicast topology
  • Create real-time ICT-centric dashboards, featuring KPIs liketop connections, top protocols, top talkers, etc.
  • Collaboration: Share dashboards and controls with your colleagues inside or outside your operation, enabling efficient collaboration workflows.
  • DataMiner supports all layers of network monitoring and support, up to the business layer, offering a full OSS/BSS integration and allowing for features such as SLA management.
  • Interface with work order systems, third-party SDN controllers or other external data sources to check for media flows that should be present but also to detect those flows that should not be available in the network.
  • DataMiner allows media operations teams to use metadata such as flow names for single flows or any group of flows. Those labels can also be extracted from external systems, e.g. a third-party broadcast controller.
  • Use DataMiner AI-augmented operations such as forecasting, anomaly analysis and pattern detection to proactively identify problems in the network before they arise.
  • 24/7 flow monitoring: Get instant alarms and notifications when a stream is missing at a destination. Cross-check the control or scheduling system against stream presence at each destination for thousands of streams concurrently.
  • Security operations:Monitor unexpected flows in your network, thereby securing your network from the ground up.
  • Ad-hoc flow troubleshooting: DataMiner provides an easy-to-use-tool to troubleshoot and identify the root cause of any media flow issue. It crawls through the network from a signal source to the destination and interfaces with all supporting data sources to achieve a “single pane of glass” user interface.

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