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Hi, I am Pramod Gupta, responsible for Middle East and South Asia region at Skyline Communications.

I am father of 2 lovely kids, I love to travel and enjoy the present.

I love philosophies ; ) reality is that we are merely smaller than particles in whole universe, in contrast, we think bigger and plan bigger! We dont have to limit our thoughts , our imagination, our horizon, our ideas... I believe in sharing those and growing further as there is "no Limit"..

Thinking out of the box is the key.. In all areas I work, I aim high with strategies placed in a row and have been successful as proven strategist.

I am confident to setup broadcast, CATV, DTH platforms independently besides good experience in broadcast playout, Satellite Uplink/downlink, project execution.

I love to share ideas but we loose nothing when we share,

I love play chess, to solve puzzles, learn new things, travel and meet people.



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