DataMiner Integration Studio v2.29

DataMiner Integration Studio v2.29


With the DIS team, we are eager to share with you what’s coming soon from our end. Stay tuned for the 2.29 release that’s coming up. We are currently doing the last tests and are adding the finishing touches. As soon as everything’s ready, we’ll provide the new version via this channel.

Release version 2.29 will contain the following new features and bug fixes:

Generate Ember+ parameters

DIS will make it easier to develop Ember+ DataMiner drivers. Data from an Ember+ device can be exported using the open-source ‘EmberViewer’ tool. Functionality will be added to DIS to make it possible to use those exported files to automatically generate the needed parameters to display all information of the device.

Display Editor – Parameter Height

The display editor that enables us to position parameters on pages will now reflect the actual result in Cube better by adapting the visual height of components.

Table Editor – Column Width

Great improvements were made on the calculation of the ideal width for table columns by taking the following aspects into account:

  • Column titles
    • Column sorting icon
    • Cube truncating the table postfixes from column descriptions
    • Key icons (PK/DK/FK): depending on whether the table has some Histogram or HeaderCalculation (Sum/Average/etc) enabled
  • Column content
    • DateTime/Date/Time Params
    • Discreets/Exceptions
    • Units/Ranges/Decimals

Validator – C# Code Analysis

A bunch of new C# code analysis checks are now in place to detect following mistakes:

  • Usage of obsolete preprocessor directives such as DCFv1
  • QAction entry point classes implementing unsupported interfaces such as Indisposable
  • Applying historySet call on Param without historySet option enabled
  • Executing Gets & Sets on non-existing Param
  • Mismatch between entry points defined in QAction@entryPoint attribute & defined C# classes and methods
  • Usage of DELT-incompatible calls
  • Usage of unrecommended methods such as Thread.Abort(), SLProtocol.GetParameterIndex(), etc.

Parameter Snippets reviewed

The long list of Param snippets have been fully review and reorganized in the following subfolders:

  • Displayed: the snippets in this folder have been reviewed to better reflect what is present in the ‘UI components’ section of the DDL
  • Internal logic: contains internal logic Params such as dummy Params, fixed Params, etc.
  • Param options: contains all snippets allowing to add options to existing Params such as Alarm tag, Subtext tag, Exceptions tags, etc.
  • Serial communication: contains serial communication Params such as headers, trailers, etc.
  • SNMP communication: contains SNMP communication Params such as trap receivers, SNMP table, etc.

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  1. Ben Vandenberghe

    Looks like a great release with a lot of added value. Great work! And the number of people leveraging this IDE is continuously growing, so big impact!

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