DataMiner professional services credits

Agility and adaptability are at the core of DataMiner. Skyline applies the same principles to its professional services: maximum agility with value and budget control in mind.

Instead of buying a certain number of certificates or engineering hours, DataMiner users can order a single product – Skyline professional services credits – which can be used freely towards any of Skyline’s professional services, when you need them and match your priorities.

integration 4 per hour, per person
consultancy 5 per hour, per person
fundamentals certificate 16 per certificate
configurator certificate 36 per certificate
visual overview 6 per certificate
automation certificate 24 per certificate
connector integration: SNMP basics 40 per certificate
connector integration: HTTP basics 40 per certificate
devops enablement service 5 per hour, per person [2]
open day training 14 per day, per person
fundamentals training 2-days 160 per session
configurator training 2-days 160 per session
sys admin training 1-day 90 per session
agile awareness training 130 per session
last-minute (with OBH subscription) 8 per hour, per person
planned intervention (with OBH subscription) 6 per hour, per person
last-minute (without OBH subscription) 16 per hour, per person
planned intervention (without OBH subscription) 12 per hour, per person
zone A 11 per person, per visit
zone B 19 per person, per visit
zone C 39 per person, per visit
daily expense costs 12 per day, per visit
idle days [4] 10 per day, per visit

[1]Except for Agile Awareness and DevOps Enablement, all trainings are available in both in-person and online formats. For in-person training, additional credits are required to cover the transportation and onsite expenses of having the instructor present. These expenses are not included in the course fees. More information.

[3] The number of hours required by a program depends on factors like number of people, their skills, profile and desired program outcome. More information.

[3] Zone A: Europe Central (Limited to Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands).
Zone B: Americas and Europe (excluding Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands).
Zone C: Africa, Asia Pacific, and Middle East regions.

[4]Additional credits apply on top of the daily expense costs, based on the number of idle days involved in the visit i.e. days spent on traveling or weekend onsite.

What's the difference between buying specific product codes (e.g. Operator Training) and credits?

First, there's no difference in service pricing, whether you're buying a specific product or an equivalent number of credits, the price for the service is the same. The difference is on the practical side, service credits can be used for any type of service, whereas specific product codes, or part numbers, can only be used for that specific service.
Often, procurement and engineering teams need to define budgets for professional services before they know exactly which activities or services will be needed. They also do not know the potential service scope changes that may occur along the way. This results in purchases of services that may never be used while others may be missing, and that in turn results in Change Orders, additional SOWs, or the canceling and reissuing of orders. All this consumes time and effort from sourcing and administration teams.

Can I still order specific product codes instead of these general professional services credits?

Yes. You can request a quote from the Skyline Sales Team.