DataMiner Support Plans

DataMiner Support Services are about technical support for your DataMiner platform, updates, and upgrades to its core software, connectors, and cloud components, and supporting your teams with their mission to enable your organization's Digital Transformation journey.

during business hours - support plans

community continuity evolve
objective support smaller operations 1 support your operations enable agile operations, continuous evolution 
unlimited technical remote support during business hours -
software updates & upgrades  
(core software & connectors)
proactive services 
(cdmr, spi)
response times - level 1: 1h  
level 2: 8 h 
level 3: 24 h
level 1: 1h 
level 2: 4 h
level 3: 8 h
corrective action times 3 - level 1: 12 h 
level 2: 16 h 
level 3: N/A 
level 1: 8 h 
level 2: 12 h
level 3: N/A  
dedicated customer success team - -
professional service credits 4
technical resources  
( , community support, free learning )
available for pay-per-use
subscription plan
perpetual use license
  • [1] Better for Organizations with Free or Pay-per-use systems and entry-level subscriptions.
  • [2] Technical support and connector updates are charged per hour as professional service credits. Updates to the DataMiner core software are included.
  • [3] Only applicable for systems with enabled.
  • [4] A number of free professional service credits are included with the support plan. An Organization can opt to buy more.

out of business hours - add-on

OBH subscription
objectivesupport critical operations, ensure maximum uptime
requirementsactive subscription for a support plan - continuity or evolve
planned intervention [1][2]
last-minute interventionguaranteed service
response timesLevel 1: 30 min.
corrective action timesLevel 1: 2 h 
[1] reserved 10 days ahead of the intervention
[2] different hourly rate applies when subscribing to the outside business hours add-on, see credits section.

For more information on outside businesses hours options visit the docs section.

Is there a difference in price between the support plans?

No. The difference between Continuity and Evolve is that Evolve requires the Organization to have qualified DataMiner DevOps Professionals. For Subscription plans, Community support plan is always included; upgrading to Continuity or Evolve, requires a Monthly Utilization Allowance (MUA) equal or higher than 200 credits.

What determines the number of professional service credits included with the support plan?

For Pay-per-use it varies with the number of prepaid credits, for a subscription plan it's based on the Monthly Utilization Allowance, and for perpetual-use licenses, it's only available for Evolve support plan and it depends on support's yearly net amount.

Are there any limitations to use these professional service credits?

The service credits can be used for support or any of the available Professional Services offerings. These credits are subject to availability and need to be scheduled and spent within the present year. Non-used credits are not transferable to subsequent years.