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Hi Edson, I have faced this issue in the past with another dataminer agent and what worked for me is the following (you require Administrator privileges): Open the services window (Win+r: services.msc)...

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Hi Javier, The element migration is a powerful tool that allows the user to move elements between DMA in the Same DMS without losing its trended history, alarms, and configuration. However, as with any...

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Hi Edson, Looking at the latest development guide I found this: Primary keys A table must always contain a column that has a unique value for every row in the table and which is used to refer to a row...

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Create a dataminer dashboard (based on a template) that will be shared with the people that I specify in the command (via tagging) and will include the dataminer objects that I select. Something like:...

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Hi Ricaurte, Looking at the description for that OID inside the MIB, it says that this value is “Float” type and that is represented as “IEEE 32-bit number”. What that means is that the Dataminer...

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