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Welcome to the Visual Overview Expert Hub. Visual Overview is one of the most powerful graphical bubble-up and drill-down UIs in the industry, with tremendous user-definable capabilities to create highly interactive mimic diagrams and control UIs. If you are not familiar yet with what Visual Overview is exactly, then here is a quick introduction. Investing in knowledge about how you can leverage Visual Overview is guaranteed to pay of big time. And, it’s actually fun as well.

Getting Started

For a comprehensive overview of what you need to get started with your Visual Overview journey, you can visit the “Getting started with Visual Overview” page in our DataMiner Dojo’s Resources section. contains examples of many basic shapes. You can also download the Visio file that is used there to analyze it. Navigate to the DataMiner Agent using DataMiner Cube and open the “Linking Shapes” view.  You will find a series of tab pages on top (linking, data, positioning, etc.) and each time a series of sub-tab pages (param, pie/bar chart, trend chart, etc.), as illustrated below.  Browse through them to explore the features.  You can right-click as well and select Download Visio File to get a copy of the file.

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