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Hi Rebecca! We have some videos explaining how to do unit tests and in this part we go through the process of mocking the SLProtocol. You can watch the video or read a bit of the explanation. Mainly,...

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Hello Miguel, I don't know if this will help because our files were a little bit smaller, but I've done something similar, recently. I ended up creating a POST session on a QAction because we had to add...

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Hi Dominique The flow can be: On the timer - > (1) Group (type: poll action)-> (2) Action (type: run actions) -> (3) Dummy Parameter -> (4) QAction triggered by the dummy Hope this makes...

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Hello Daniela, Usually, I start by increasing the logs and with that you can find out in which Qaction the issue is occuring. I search for setcolumns and 220 and add some logs if needed. I'm not sure...

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Hi! I would say that a parameter on the XML is not properly defined. If possible I would advise to run the DIS validator to check for errors.

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