Inspiring keynote by Ben Vandenberghe at BaM Live!

Inspiring keynote by Ben Vandenberghe at BaM Live!

Skyline recently participated in the BaM Live! event, organized by the IABM. Three jam-packed days of sharing ideas and solutions that will power success in 2021. Our CEO Ben Vandenberghe not only took part in a very interesting and heavily attended panel session, he also set the scene for the ‘Architect Day’. That day was all about designing media supply chains.

Or, shall we say, the art of designing and shaping a media business? Because this industry is going through quite some very revolutionary transformations. Today is no longer about understanding the technology and being able to use that technology. It is much more about what you will do with that technology.

You can now watch the recording of his event welcome keynote and hear his inspiring vision on why building and designing the technology stack for your organization is like creating the DNA for your business. And, as we all know, that DNA will ultimately determine how your business is going to look like, what its strengths and weaknesses will be, and much more.

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  1. Ben Vandenberghe

    Thanks Martin, glad to hear you liked it. Sometimes it is good to go back to the essence of something to understand the obvious that you continue to overlook.

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