DataMiner Dojo update – February 2022

DataMiner Dojo update – February 2022

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Editor’s pick: 5 must-read blog posts

Catch up on the latest news, from the tiniest DataMiner details to the latest industry trends.

  1. DataMiner 10.2 is coming … and 9.6 is going into limited support – 2 min. read
  2. Kicking off the new year with brand-new learning content! – 1 min. read
  3. Extend your administrative data models with powerful, automated flow – 1 min. read
  4. Simplifying Configuration Update & Restore operations with IDP 1.1.18 – 2 min. read
  5. Prioritizing and risk management with Project Collaboration – 2 min. read

IP flow monitoring and analytics

The job of a network administrator has become much more complex over the last few years.

⬅️  Yesterday, media and broadband flows were static configurations and limited in quantity.
➡️  Today, countless network flows travel across your network and instances are added daily.

The modern NOC is comparable to air traffic control in terms of high stakes and speed of decisions. But how can you possibly make crucial split-second decisions while, at the same time, you’re filtering through millions of data sets?

Not by using yesterday’s tools … but by implementing modern and intelligent monitoring solutions!

Flow Monitoring solution

Editor’s pick: 5 questions and their answers

Join the DataMiner discussion, from the tiniest details to the biggest trends.
Over 2,150 questions have been posted and answered already.

  1. Can you have two-factor authentication in DataMiner?
  2. How to define a different notification template for SMS?
  3. Is it possible to do string manipulation of placeholders?
  4. How to back up a single Elasticsearch node running on a remote server?
  5. How to send a dashboard as a PDF with multiple parameter feeds?

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LinkedIn Live Event – Rewind

Skyline is rolling out a new generation of DataMiner solutions that will completely redefine how you manage your next-generation operation end to end, spanning all vendor, domain, and technological borders, with resources on the ground and in the cloud.

In this live event recording, Skyline’s CEO, Ben Vandenberghe, showcases how the DataMiner Cloud Services will accelerate your Digital Transformation.

Editor’s pick: recently added videos

DataMiner Dojo already hosts over 45 hours of video tutorials, webinars, and more. These have been added recently:

DataMiner 10.2 Main Release at a glanceonline event (40 min.)
Skyline’s CEO, Ben Vandenberghe, addresses the key benefits of DataMiner 10.2, like cloud connectivity, security, architecture & continuous evolution, and a wealth of new capabilities and features.

Automatically discover your network inventorydemo (5 min.)
Reinout demonstrates how to use the DataMiner Infrastructure Discovery and Provisioning (IDP) in the Ziine DataMiner System to automatically discover inventory in the network.

Adding and modifying Visios in DataMinerdemo (3 min.)
Rui demonstrates how easy it is to add and modify Visio files to elements in the DataMiner system.

Mienberg NMS dashboard modulestandard app (6 min.)
Quickly build your own dashboards on the fly with the Meinberg Network Management System (mbgNMS).

Main features of the Meinberg NMSstandard app (13 min.)
This video showcases the Meinberg Network Management System (mbgNMS) and its main features.

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