DataMiner Cloud Platform Services


The DataMiner Cloud Services boost the possibilities of your existing DataMiner System and further empower you to deliver exceptional ICT media and broadband services.

Pre-requisite: Only valid with an activated SLA
Pre-requisite: DataMiner node is cloud connected

Typical usage: Indication of level of usage that is possible within the limits of this tier.

Concurrent shares: Maximum number of shares that can be active at a given point in time. A share is active from the moment it is created until it is deleted. For example, if you use the Essential tier, and you already have three active shares, you will need to stop one of these in order to be able to start a new share.

Unique recipients: Number of unique email addresses to share with that can be specified across all shares. If two dashboards are shared with the same recipient, this counts as one unique recipient.

Session: A session is counted every time a recipient opens a share. Each session lasts 30 minutes at most. After every 30 minutes that a share remains open, a new session is counted.

Data consumption: The sum of bytes transferred to and from the DataMiner Cloud Platform.