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Hello Baranisudha, I think you are very close from what you want to achieve. If you are accessing the settings of the table itself, which you can access the following way: Enter Edit mode. Enter edit...

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Hello Ramesh, Some weeks ago I posted a similar question in Dojo. In my case, I wanted to move the credentials from the code to somewhere safer and providing better privacy. The answer I got could help...

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Dear Hari, I have worked previously on a similar use case. I think you could assign an action to an specific column. To do this, you should first enter Edit Mode for the LCA (basically enter draft mode)....

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Dear Ken, I checked the documentation on alarms and could find the following: Alarms that are not at the top level of the life cycle are indicated in italics and use a lighter gray font color. In my...

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Hi Alberto, I am facing a similar issue for one of my customers. In my case, I found out the issue to be a driver problem. The way I found out was by executing Pending Calls via the SLNetClientTest tool....

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