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I've managed to get it to work, more by luck than judgement. The following works - name: CreateElement uri: url: "{{jsonServer }}{{createElement}}" return_content: yes use_proxy: false body_format: json...

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Hi Daniel, It's best to disable shard allocation before doing any reboots (it's going to mangle the json I'm going to put below) Send the following to http://<cluster node>:9200/_cluster/settings...

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If we can send the SNMP trap to any DMA, would this be a use case for Anycast, as SNMP uses UDP and is stateless? Could you add the same /32 IP to each DMA, then use your favourite routing protocol to...

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I've managed to answer my own question. Using IIS "IP Address and Domain Restriction", if I block access to /ConnectionSettings.txt for the hosts I don't want to allow Cube connections for, Cube doesn't...

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We're using the WMI driver to monitor windows machines. We have a few where we alarm on a missing process, you do need to make sure "Auto Clear Task Manager" is set to off. The process of interest needs...

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Thanks Ive, that doesn't quite do what I need. The alarm it generates just says "Notepad - not available", I need to know the specific instance that has failed. So, if "Prog.exe --Inst 1" crashes, I...

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I had the same problem recently, ended up trawling the registry to find any mentions of Cassandra and removed them. After that, the install completed correctly

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