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We had the same issue in our project and it was solved by editing the registry settings in the VSM itself for the DataMiner connection. This setting is related to the Label Transfer. Afterward, we managed...

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Hi Bhavana, In the Mobile Gateway, there is a cellphone location where the element is residing, if the DMA hosting the element is down then that could be a reason for not having the SMS generated. In...

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Hi Alberto, Implementing a calendar icon for specifying the exact date and time for unmasking elements would be a great addition. However, I'd like to propose an alternative method; we are using a Scheduler...

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Hello, There is a DataMiner “Generic Network Services Monitor” driver is used to monitor different kinds of network services. With this driver, you can run tests on selected network protocols. The...

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We have a new staging DataMiner agent running on 10.2 but we don't see any protocols available on the update centre that can be downloaded, what is the easiest way to copy around 300+ protocols from our...

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