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Hi Timothy, You can use the SrmManagers from the SLSRMLibrary in combination with the ReservationInstanceExposers. Can you try following code to retrieve the reservations that uses the resource: var filter...

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Hi Jackson, The big response can indicate that you are polling a bit too much data at once. I would advise checking the API documentation if there is no option to split up the request. If this is not the...

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Hi Jens I found the following overview on the node properties: ApplyProfileScript string JSON defining the script to execute when applying the profile-load script on the contributing DVE. Script can also...

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Currently, it is only possible to use the "Parameter" Class for parameters of the type "read" and "write". If you don't want to use the parameter id to retrieve the value then you can use the extended...

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I think you can achieve this by subscribing to the element state of those nodes.

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Hi Steven, After a quick investigation, this seems to be a software issue. If we look at the correlation logging we can see that the ticket is created in the background. With the client test tool you...

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Hi Marco, At a first glance the relation seems to be correct. I assume table 8900 is the entry table for the demodulator function? Did you include the FK Column(7028) and the PrimaryKey of table 8900 in...

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Hi Manuel, I believe this is a bug in the software and a task should be created to handle this. Maybe as a workaround you can run the generic script from within the main script. SubScriptOptions sesVideoScript...

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Hi Philip, On the properties of the reference, you can define the DLL path. When compiling the automation script it will include the defined path to the DLL References.

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Jeff this can be done with SLNet. Element element = engine.FindElement("ElementName"); if (element != null) { GetLiteElementInfo getElementInfo = new GetLiteElementInfo { DataMinerID = element.DmaId, ElementID...

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Hi Jason, Maybe this is what you are looking for: Service Orchestration: resources configuration | DataMiner Docs. It is possible to create a pre-filter based on a capability. I'm not sure if you are...

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Hi, Starting from RN26605 (DataMiner version 10.0.10) the use of NuGets is supported in a Protocol solution. The automatic code generation could be replaced by a NuGet. The DLL is then stored under C:\Skyline...

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