DataMiner security assessment

DataMiner security assessment

At Skyline, we take security very seriously, and we are dedicated to continuously improving DataMiner’s safety. One of the ways we are trying to achieve this goal is by annually engaging in a third-party security assessment conducted by the Security Factory (tSF). And now, the results of that assessment are available!

We are pleased to announce that tSF’s security assessment has revealed that there were no high or critical issues found in our security framework, solidifying DataMiner’s overall security posture as high. This outstanding outcome underscores our unwavering commitment to DataMiner’s security.

While the report offers only a momentary snapshot of DataMiner’s security status, it serves as a valuable tool for pinpointing areas that require improvement and providing an idea of DataMiner’s overall security state.

It’s also worth mentioning that we have already taken proactive steps to resolve some of the reported findings, further ensuring that your trust in DataMiner is well-placed.

To take a look at the summary of tSF’s security assessment and their attestation, download the report now!

Our dedication to security remains steadfast, and our team of experts is readily available for any security-related discussions you may need. Feel free to reach out to our experts! We are always eager to collaborate with our users to ensure everyone’s safety.

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