DataMiner on show @ Convergence India

DataMiner on show @ Convergence India

As we’re entering an era defined by constant, rapid and unexpected changes, Digital Transformation is high on every organization’s agenda.

At Convergence India, you’ll get a taste of how DataMiner can accelerate your Digital Transformation. So join us at India’s largest tech & infra expo from March 23 to 25!

On show: DataMiner is the key enabling technology for your Digital Transformation

A strong foundation for Digital Transformation

Any data-driven operation relies on a unified data acquisition and control plane that empowers users to integrate with new data sources easily and quickly. DataMiner is unrivaled in this respect, supporting any type of data or interface from any vendor.

Single pane of glass: more focus, less clutter

While technologies are getting more complex, DataMiner focuses on simplicity. You easily manage and orchestrate your entire network ecosystem from one single pane of glass. What’s more, DataMiner empowers operators to cut through the clutter and focus on what’s important by only presenting the data you need in clear dashboards.

Empowering collaboration & remote working

As skilled operators are getting scarcer, it’s not always easy to get the right person at the right location at the right time. Fortunately, DataMiner offers powerful and secure cloud capabilities that enable easy access to and control over your entire infrastructure from just about anywhere. These capabilities also come with a host of collaboration features, like live dashboard sharing or DataMiner ChatOps with Microsoft Teams or Slack, which easily let you work together with teams across the entire supply chain

Let’s (re-)connect at booth 5.5

Convergence India will be the perfect occasion for you to (re-)connect with some of Skyline Communication’s industry experts at booth 5.5:

If you want to discuss your ongoing Digital Transformation projects or if you want to inquire about the possibilities that DataMiner could bring to your brand-new project, just meet up with our experts. They are very excited to re-connect with you in person and answer all your burning DataMiner questions.

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