You’ll love the upcoming DataMiner Catalog! Here’s why

You’ll love the upcoming DataMiner Catalog! Here’s why

An operation consist of many systems and products, originating from many different vendors. So it’s no surprise that one of the major challenges for many ICT, engineering and operations teams is to easily consume data and implement controls without any technology or domain boundaries—on the ground and from the cloud.

And that’s exactly what DataMiner offers! The DataMiner Catalog—with more than 7000 connectors—will open the door to efficient and complete consumption of data sources and control systems.

Want to experience how the upcoming DataMiner Catalog will give you easy access to all your data sources? Just have a look at this brief video!

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The upcoming DataMiner Catalog is an out-of-the-box service that’s part of the DataMiner Cloud Platform (DCP). It’s a central repository that contains over 7000 downloadable connectors supporting over 700 different brands and vendors, from proprietary APIs to cloud APIs, or from message brokers like KAFKA and NATS to external databases like Elastic.

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Each connector page contains a detailed up-to-date overview. Just click on the connector you want to know more about and right off the bat you can see who published the connector, how many times it has been downloaded and what the communication protocol is.

Of course, you’ll also find all the other necessary information, like version history, installation and configuration guidelines, usage, troubleshooting and even info about automated delivery on connectors you already purchased. And if there’s a new version available, you can deploy it straightaway and test it on small scale before using it in production. 

Moreover, you can leverage our CI/CD infrastructure to develop and publish your own connectors by allowing your DevOps teams to run it directly on our formal pipeline with convenient visibility in all stages. This way we can ensure supreme quality of catalog content which ultimately results in maximum convenience for all our users.  

Don’t you just love it? Stay tuned for more updates about the DataMiner Catalog!

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