Why you should go for the Sony Live Element Orchestrator (LEO)

Why you should go for the Sony Live Element Orchestrator (LEO)

The media & entertainment industry is evolving and transforming faster than ever. Transitions to all-IP, software functions replacing hardware boxes, the move towards virtualization and cloud services, plus more and more remote and distributed productions; they all bring tremendous new opportunities and very appealing benefits.

At the same time, they fundamentally change the nature of our operational systems, and therefore, they also come with an entire new set of challenges and a real paradigm shift in how to prepare and run your live productions.

Compared to SDI, an all-IP environment is way more complex and behaves completely differently. That’s why it requires a completely different approach.

A powerful end-to-end monitoring, management and orchestration platform has become an absolute must in this context, and it is the most important key to success in this new era.

This is also the vision of Sony, one of the global leading suppliers for IP live production solutions. To make that vision a reality for its customers, Sony established a strategic partnership with Skyline to ensure that they can leverage the full power of the IP live production solutions.

This strong strategic alliance resulted in the Sony Live Element Orchestrator, or in short, Sony LEO. LEO is a standard out-of-the-box app, based on Skyline’s DataMiner software platform and bundled with the unrivalled expertise of Sony. LEO enables broadcasters to manage and optimize their IP connected facilities and resources across multiple locations, easily and efficiently.

Just have a look at our brand-new Sony LEO video above to learn about the top reasons for LEO and how LEO will help you to manage your IP live productions in an efficient manner: automatically onboard studio & PCR equipment, plan, control and monitor your productions. LEO supports the Sony IP Live product range out of the box. Running on DataMiner, it is at the same time 100% vendor agnostic. Simply add any third-party product or data source to LEO at any time and use DataMiner’s core graphical capabilities to build your own customized user interfaces to continuously evolve over time.

LEO – IP Live Production Management Made Easy

Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your regional sales representative.

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