What’s new in the documentation for the 10.3.6 release?

What’s new in the documentation for the 10.3.6 release?

The DataMiner documentation is continuously growing and improving. That’s why from time to time we like to provide you with a summary of all things new in the DataMiner Docs.

The biggest change for 10.3.6 is undoubtedly the introduction of the DataMiner User-Defined APIs. With this new feature, you can define your own custom API calls based on DataMiner Automation scripts. The APIs are secured using API tokens, which can be generated on the fly and linked to the API definitions.

There have also been several changes to the DataMiner Low-Code Apps:

Of course there have also been many other changes, including a new Pattern Overview window for pattern matching, and improvements to the parameter relationships “light bulb” feature. For a detailed overview of everything that has been added and changed in the documentation lately, check out the list of pull requests on GitHub. And remember that you can always propose changes yourself (and get some DevOps Points in the process)!

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