Unleashing the power of data with the DataMiner Generic Query Interface (GQI)

Unleashing the power of data with the DataMiner Generic Query Interface (GQI)

In today’s digital age, modern media and broadband operations generate vast amounts of data. However, effectively managing and analyzing this data can be a time-consuming task. The traditional methods of data analysis often lead to outcomes that become obsolete even before completion. To overcome this challenge, we created the DataMiner Generic Query Interface.

The DataMiner GQI enables seamless querying, filtering, and aggregation of data from diverse sources, revolutionizing the way you extract insights. Let’s find out how it works!

DataMiner GQI in a nutshell

Agnostic toward underlying data: GQI works with ALL your data, whether from your DataMiner System or from external sources through RESTful APIs or databases. It provides a unified interface and query structures that enable you to access and manipulate all your DataMiner data seamlessly.

Powerful data processing and analysis: GQI offers powerful data processing capabilities, allowing combining, filtering, and aggregation. What’s more, it is also a conversational API, meaning that it helps the user in building up their query through a question-response style interaction.

Real-time data insights: GQI provides real-time data insights, continuously updating results. It eliminates the need for batch processing, enabling immediate analysis.

Building queries with GQI

The Generic Query Interface (GQI) provides a unified query language and API that empowers users to harness the potential of their entire data lake.

The query-building process begins with selecting data sources and operators. Data sources can range from bookings and alarms to even people, and they can be fetched from anywhere—whether from DataMiner or external sources through RESTful APIs or databases. The flexibility of the GQI ensures that if you can access the data, GQI can ingest it.

And the best part is that building a query is a breeze with the GQI’s user-friendly query builder. You can simply select the required data sources and manipulate data using various operators.

Operators include aggregations, column manipulations, filtering, joining related tables, and selecting specific columns. These building blocks allow you to tailor your queries to your specific requirements and extract meaningful insights from the data.

Building a query with GQI is a breeze

Visualizing query results

Once a query is constructed, GQI provides powerful visualization capabilities to comprehend the results effectively. By dragging the query onto the canvas, users can choose from a variety of visualization options, including tables, pie and donut charts, state labels, edge graphs, column and bar charts, and more. The choice of visualization depends on the nature of the data and the insights you are looking for.

Various visualization options available to display your insights

Transforming data analysis with DataMiner GQI

In the era of big data, the Generic Query Interface emerges as a game-changer for data analysis and insights generation. By providing a streamlined query language and API, GQI empowers users to leverage the vast amounts of data generated by modern data-driven operations. With its intuitive query builder and powerful visualization capabilities, GQI transforms the way you interact with data, making analysis more efficient and impactful.

The powerful GQI module is integrated into our DataMiner Dashboards and Low-Code Apps modules, allowing you to create powerful queries for all your apps and dashboards.

Explore the possibilities of GQI on our Ziine Demo Platform

Feel like exploring the powerful capabilities of DataMiner GQI? Head on to our live demo platform Ziine where you can explore a wide range of pre-made dashboard components crafted with GQI.

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