The Services Overview dashboard

The Services Overview dashboard

If you are looking for a way to monitor and manage your services in a cloud-connected system, you might want to check out this new dashboard!

This dashboard can easily be deployed on any cloud-connected system:

  1. Follow the link to the Catalog.
  2. Click the Deploy button.
  3. Choose your target DMS and select Deploy.
  4. The dashboard has now automatically been added to the root folder of your Dashboards app.

The dashboard offers a master view of your services, presenting each service as a block in a grid (requires the ReportsAndDashboardsDynamicVisuals soft-launch option) with its current state color. This information is obtained through some brand new GQI data that contains the state of your services.

Additionally, the dashboard allows you to filter the services based on various criteria (requires the web version to be 10.3.9 or higher OR the ReportsAndDashboardsPTP soft-launch option). The selected service is then displayed below, showing its state history, visual overview, and alarms in the Alarm Console.

This dashboard serves as a great starting point, as you can customize it to fit your specific needs.

What did you make of it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or contact us directly.

4 thoughts on “The Services Overview dashboard

  1. Miguel Barquet

    This dashboard is great. I shared it with a customer planning to build something similar from scratch. It easily saved him a few hours of work.

  2. Ladan Razeghi

    Is there any other configuration which is not mentioned above and requires to make the dashboard works? I deployed it on DataMiner ( but it can’t retrieve data. The ReportsAndDashboardsDynamicVisuals soft-launch option is set to true

    • Toon Casteele Post author

      I believe 2 soft launch options are needed: the ReportsAndDashboardsDynamicVisuals you mentioned to get the grid, but also the ReportsAndDashboardsPTP option to get the query filter component (and thus get data into your grid). Do you have both of those?

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