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Totally missed that one. It did the trick to set SLDataMiner to Automatic (delayed start). Have not needed to do this on any other installation before on Windows 2016. This was on a Windows 2019.

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Hi, Matthijs asked this question on behalf of us as a customer. We're looking for an official instruction for how to new install 10.4 and it's still not quite clear to us exactly which packages we need...

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In C:\Skyline DataMiner\Backup i have two files: BackupSettings.xml DataMinerBackup.bks.xml No CustomBackup xml found I'll attach screen shots of the contents, looks alright to me.

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Hi Mykyta. The response I got from the support team is basically that it works as expected, that regardless of backup type - it will always have "custom" in the file name and not like before where a full...

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The backup settings I've tried is either the pre-defined Full Backup or Full Backup without database, and no matter which - the filename still indicate it's a custom backup. /Roger

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Hi, is it also that the name will always contain Custom regardless of type of back up (Full, Full without database, Custom etc).. At least that's how it seems on our system.

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Your suggestion does not work. The problem is that I find the elements when entering a different DMA, (the one they initially were created on but later migrated from, years back).

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Do Skyline do any internal testing/verification of the monthly Windows security updates? I know that MS recently made some updates on DCOM which (for us) caused a problem in a failover system, where if...

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VMware does not recommend using snapshots as regular backup at all.

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