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Hello Bruno, There are a couple of factors that can affect Kafka consumption speed: The most obvious one is network speed of the server. The amount of brokers associated to the Kafka Topic configured...

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It depends on what kpi's and what connections the Collector elements require. In our instance with the standard solution, ideally the customer may configure everything themselves. The steps required per...

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We have decided to release a new version of the driver where the column width=100 and that exposed the value to the WebAPI. That was the only we were able to retrieve that value with the GetTableForParameterFiltered call.

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After much investigation, we have purchased the license for Landers suggestion of AvroConvert. This Nuget is more generic and simpler to use than many of the Nuget packages I have come across. I believe...

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Just came across this question looking for the same answer and did some investigating and it seems this is now possible with Dataminer 10.2.8 by adding the "SKIP_STARTED_INFO_EVENT:TRUE" script option....

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