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Hi Thijs, the Swag Shop is open from now on !

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Hi Max, If I'm not mistaken you would simply like to put 4 DMA nodes in one cluster (DataMiner System, DMS) such that this cluster behaves as one entity. This is a standard DataMiner feature and how to...

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Dear Nico, Indeed DataMiner allows you to get an end-to-end overview in a hybrid setup with on-premise as well as cloud components. The virtual machines and T21 SRT Decoder will each have their dedicated...

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Hi Alberto, Technically spoken the underlying DMA can be upgraded. However since AMS is distributed by Ateme and it is running their own applications, version control is also in the hands of Ateme. We...

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Hi Alexis, There are many theoretical Link Budget Calculators which can be found on the internet so for this kind of "one-off" theoretical calculations it is recommended to use one of those. However,...

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One of the strengths of DataMiner is that it can be used in a wide variety of applications and tailored to specific needs. It's important that a demo or trial meets the specific expectations of the customer...

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