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That should be possible using snapshots. Can you try to follow the guide at Taking a snapshot of one Elasticsearch cluster and restoring it to another | DataMiner Docs ? That should allow you to copy...

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Hi Min, It looks as though the SLDMS process ran out of memory. Since it is a 32-bit process, that means that it can use at most 2 Gb of memory unless the largeaddressaware flag is set: The /LARGEADDRESSAWARE...

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Hi Dominik, Indeed, when using Clustered Databases, the timetrace table no longer exists in Cassandra. Here, alarms are kept in Elasticsearch. You can check out which indices you have in elasticsearch...

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I would recommend going for a different setup if at all possible. I'm going to join Jan-Klaas in his answer and say that Auto Clear is not going to work here. It might for masked information events under...

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You seem to be following the correct procedure. Selecting "All Agents in cluster" is indeed the best way to go about doing an update. There are many reasons this might be going wrong. However, to help...

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Hi Arun, If the data from those shards is no longer required, the corresponding indices can be removed using the Delete Index | Elasticsearch Guide [6.8] | Elastic API only. You can also delete them using...

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Hi Bernard, As you can see in DB.xml | DataMiner Docs , the "<DB>db_prefix</DB>" tag should be used to determine the prefix associated with each DMS in the database. I am not sure about the...

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I believe that we're looking at some unexpected behavior here, but someone can correct me if I'm wrong. Some context: Having looked at the setup with Tom, I can confirm that there are two different apparent...

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