New Visual Overview lesson! What’s next?

New Visual Overview lesson! What’s next?

We are thrilled to announce that the Visual Overview course is almost finished! This course covers everything you need to know about creating stunning and interactive visual representations of your DataMiner data. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert, this course offers almost 8 hours of content divided up into bite-size lessons and topics, catering to everyone's needs.

New lesson available: learn advanced techniques to make your visual overviews more engaging

The latest addition to the course is the Dynamic Visio Drawings lesson in the advanced section. In this lesson, you will learn advanced techniques and placeholders to make your visual overviews more dynamic and engaging.

You will also learn how to build captivating slideshows and enhance master-detail pages with interactivity. This lesson serves as the cherry on top of the cake, unlocking the full potential of dynamic design for your visual overviews.

However, the learning doesn't end here! We've got another learning project cooking up that will help you improve your visual overviews through personalized insights. More info following soon!

And don't forget, you can still get certified for each level in the Visual Overview course. You will also earn DevOps Points when you complete a certification, which will boost your profile and reputation. Completing the first level will unlock the second one, and the second one will unlock the third. So, go ahead and get certified today!

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