New Teleport Research: Building a better NOC

New Teleport Research: Building a better NOC

The network operations center (NOC) is the beating heart of satellite and teleport operators’ networks. But with networks getting more complex and new technologies springing up like mushrooms, service operators have to constantly improve their NOC infrastructure and operations. Easier said than done!

So, how exactly do you strengthen and improve one of the most critical elements of operational and customer support? That’s what WTA explores in their new research report: Building a Better NOC. In this report, WTA examines the challenges and strengths of today’s NOCs, how you can improve your NOC, and what the future of NOCs will look like.

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In researching this report, WTA solicited and received input from more than a dozen teleport industry executives and technology experts, including Skyline Communications, who offered a wide range of viewpoints on NOC-related topics.

The report is free for WTA members

“Investment in monitoring and control systems, such as Skyline Communications’ DataMiner system, that provide an overarching system management capability across a myriad of systems […] the benefit these systems bring is to present the information and alarms from multiple platforms to network operators in a coherent and meaningful way that helps them run more services for more customers and provide better levels of service.”

– Building a Better NOC, page 8

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