New in the Ping Monitoring tool: create, update, and delete actions

New in the Ping Monitoring tool: create, update, and delete actions

The Ping Monitoring tool is a low-code app designed to help network engineers swiftly locate network outages. Previously, to start using the application, you had to perform several steps in Cube. Now, we have simplified the process by adding new app functionalities that eliminate the need for initial setup and configuration via Cube. This update not only enhances efficiency, but also makes things a lot easier for the user.

Built on the DataMiner platform, the Ping Monitoring tool allows administrators to seamlessly monitor their network infrastructure and services. The latest version of the app introduces comprehensive create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) functionalities, allowing you to manage groups and destinations directly within the app.

Value added by the new enhancements

The recent updates to the Ping Monitoring tool significantly benefit network administrators in several ways:

  • Increased efficiency: The updated app streamlines the configuration process by supporting new functionalities to manage groups and destinations, reducing the number of steps required. This enhancement saves time and simplifies monitoring setup.
  • Enhanced usability: The tool now features a more intuitive UI and error check functionality. You can efficiently manage network elements without extensive training, ensuring a smoother experience.
  • Improved flexibility: With comprehensive create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) actions for groups and destinations, you have greater control over network monitoring configurations.

To discover the new features and improvements of the Ping Monitoring tool yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you meet the prerequisites.
  2. Look up the Ping Monitoring package in the DataMiner Catalog.
  3. Deploy the app from the Catalog.

The Ping Monitoring application will now be available on the DataMiner landing page.

What’s new?

With the updated version of the Ping Monitoring tool, managing groups and destinations has become more efficient than ever. You can now create, edit, and delete groups and destinations directly within the app, without needing to navigate away. Convenient buttons have been added to the dedicated Destinations and Groups pages, streamlining the configuration process.

Additionally, a new error check functionality ensures that you avoid mistakes during configuration. And while we’ve made it possible to delete groups and destinations with a single click, a confirmation window always appears to ensure you’re deleting the correct item.

More of a visual learner?

Our context expert, Jon Corral, has created a video tutorial that walks you through the updated Ping Monitoring tool.

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