Managing multiple PTP domains with the DataMiner PTP app

Managing multiple PTP domains with the DataMiner PTP app

If your network consists of multiple PTP domains, it makes sense to monitor them separately, especially since different teams might be responsible for different domains. Today, we’re excited to announce the new 1.1.2 release of the DataMiner PTP application, which provides granular insight into different PTP domains.

A PTP domain is a network or part of a network where PTP operates, or in other words, a network where all the clocks are in sync. Such a domain is identified with a domain number, and PTP instances will only process PTP messages with the same domain number. Nevertheless, if PTP domains are not connected, it’s perfectly possible for them to have the same domain number and work autonomously. In this case, users will still talk about different domains and refer to them with a name in day-to-day conversations, network diagrams, or spreadsheets.

DataMiner PTP uses these same names to manage multiple domains. While you install your first PTP application instance, you can simply configure the name of the domain you want to manage. The next steps of the wizard will help you configure the application instance for that domain. After this, you can add more PTP application instances and start managing additional domains. Each PTP application instance will present the details of a specific domain.

Besides this ability to manage multiple PTP domains, the new version of the application also contains an overview of all PTP nodes and the nodes they sync with. To see this overview, simply click the table icon in the PTP System Summary.

For an overview of all the features and enhancements in this release, check the PTP release notes.

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