Rewind – DataMiner DevOps Professional

Rewind – DataMiner DevOps Professional

Today’s data-driven technology landscape is characterized by fast-paced change. So, it’s no surprise that many companies are evolving from slow-paced, siloed operations towards fast-paced, agile DevOps operations.

This basically means that teams get the room to take on different roles and responsibilities, from development (Dev) to business operations (Ops). It enables them to work faster, more precisely, and in closer collaboration with all stakeholders, which ultimately leads to the creation of real value for your business.

And with DataMiner you have an entire ecosystem that has been purpose-built to make your DevOps ambitions become a reality.

In this recorded live session, we’ll take a closer look at what DevOps is all about, and how it’s key to securing your seat at the table in the emerging data-driven future. We’ll also take a deep dive into the many possibilities DataMiner, and the overall ecosystem offered by Skyline, offers to realize your DevOps ambitions.

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